Marketing Automation at Optimizely is a team of two, and we work with every department to create email blasts, triggered email programs and nurture campaigns to communicate with our different users.

The MA team uses Asana to manage inbound requests and workload.

What I like about Asana

It works like a word document
You can copy/paste directly into your Task View, and drag tasks in between Sections.

Tasks can live in multiple Projects
You can link Tasks to multiple Projects, so they can live in more than one person’s “view”. This allows different departments to work off of the same Task, and still organize their work the way they want.

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 1.56.53 PM

Google Doc Integration
You can attach google docs to the task, for easy reference.

google drive
Calendar view function
For any Task that will be published (email blast, ebook, webinar, etc) we Tag it with “Marketing Calendar”. This allows us to view all of our public facing campaigns in one view.

Flexible searches
You can search for any task assigned to you in the past 7 days, tagged with “Marketing Calendar”. Then you can favorite that search. It’s awesome!

advanced search
Support docs are great
I particularly love their demo presented by an Asana employee.

How we use Asana

The MA team works within a Project called MA Request Prioritization, that lives under the Marketing Team in Asana.

Within the project, we create a Section for each week.

Depending on when the request happens, either a member of the MA team creates the task, or the reporter creates the task. The MA team tends to stay away from Subtasks, to ensure easy visibility on the project level.

Because we only have a two person team, we assign the task to the reporter.

We then have a weekly MA Prioritization meeting, where people can come and put in their requests for Marketing Automation. This acts as an Office Hours of sorts, which allows the reporter and MA rep to discuss a best plan of action for launching a campaign. This also facilitates unnecessary lengthy meetings.

Then, every week, we simply have to search for Recently Completed Tasks in past 7 days, and we are able to write up our Weekly Updates via email.

We also have been using Toggl to track where our time goes. Toggl integrates with Asana as well as Google Drive, and is an amazing tool! It provides weekly reports and pretty charts. Really nice.