Platform adoption is critical for understanding how engaged your customers are.  There are a lot of reasons why customers engage with your product or not. Testing those hypotheses will help you better understand challenges that customers face.

I ran a split test on a customer nurture program and increased platform engagement by 10% within 30 days. Here’s an overview of the customer nurture test, I hope it inspires you to get curious about testing!

I collaborated with the Optimizely Education team to determine how to increase product engagement with our new self-service customers. We knew that a customer was less likely to churn if they logged in multiple times within the first 30 days. We designed a customer nurture program to educate these new customers on various features and resources Optimizely had to offer. Our hunch was that by providing focused material to our new customers, they would be more inspired to use our product.

Hypothesis If we send our self-service customers a series of resource-rich emails, they will be more likely to engage with our Testing solution within the first 30 days.
Target Audience New self-serve customers
Primary Goal Optimizely logins
Cadence of Nurture Every Thursday for 4 weeks
Results Variation saw a 9% increase in logins within the first 30 days

Our hypothesis: if we send our self-service customers a series of resource rich emails, they will be more likely to engage with our Testing solution. There are a lot of psychological barriers to get started with testing, and our customers may not know where to start.

The program contained 8 emails, bucketed into three offer categories: Resource, Sell, or Feature. CTAs included: an ebook on building a data driven team, a how-to guide for setting up a goal in Optimizely, and a list of popular testing ideas.
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We held back 50% of our self-service customers from receiving this nurture. After 30 days, we already saw positive results! We tracked multiple activities, and measured significant impact with Optimizely logins and dashboard views. Within 30 days the variation saw a 9% increase in logins. Because of this result, we sent the nurture program to 100% of our customers.