Since coming back to SF in 2011, I’ve experimented a lot with the 4 Hour Body Diet and the Paleo Diet, while maintaining the pesca-vegan restrictions .*

Since it’s pretty hard to abide by the Paleo or 4HB diet without eating meat, I’m going to use a blend of both diets to allow myself for more food options. For the next few months, I’ll be logging my food intake, and adhere to the following guidelines:

  • No grains, wheat, bread (no pasta, no bread, no quinoa, no beer)
  • No candy, sugars, processed junk food (delineating from Paleo allowing myself packaged foods like salmon jerky and canned foods)
  • Eat fruits, veggies and natural oils (delineating from 4HB eating fruit)
  • Eat legumes (delineating from Paleo)
  • Eat tofu/soy products (delineating from Paleo, and a bit from 4HB)
  • Allow for three cheat meals OR one cheat day per week (choose between 4BH or Paleo phase I method)

I hope to learn some new recipes and ideas for quick food intake, and some tips to share!

*check out my diet history below for my diet evolution

My Diet History

When I moved to Barcelona at 22 years old, I landed a job at a small startup, where I would work for the next 2 years. The transition ended up being a lot harder than I expected, and my physical health suffered from it. 

I was working extremely long hours (read: 9am to 2am during three week sprints), had only my roommates for friends, and was eating frozen pizza and greasy sandwiches daily, out of sheer convenience.

I went back home in December for Christmas, and my mom must have noticed my extra “luggage” I was bringing home with me, and bought me a book on what she thought was a “working girls’ guide to cooking healthy.”

It actually was a book advocating veganism, and while the title is a little crass, it served as a real wake up call.

Coming back to Barcelona, I went vegan cold turkey (pun intended), and quit coffee and alcohol for three months.

I was a vegan for three years (!), until about a year ago I began integrating fish into my diet again. Now I like to call myself a pesca-vegan, a word my friend has coined: fish yes, dairy no, eggs no, meat no.

Needless to say, diet is a big part of my life, and something I think about a lot. That being said, I’m not someone who has time to drain my own almond milk, and gram all of my amazing quinoa recipes with a million hash tags. Convenience is pretty important to me, I’m pretty picky, and I don’t mind eating the same thing every day. This all correlates to being a pretty bad dinner date.

My only goal is to avoid getting cancer, through the vast amount hormones found in our meat and dairy. Doing that helps me sleep at night. My restrictions also keep me from gravitating towards the chips and donuts, and opting for something a little better for me.